Past Boxes

Most of our past months boxes are sold out! But we will let you now below. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in your monthly box. We love them, and we know you will too!

Mar 2019 Inspired Subscription Box 

What was in it?  

  1. Your Higher Purpose – Living into Your Ambition Mindfulness Book
  2. Green Aventurine Pendant, 2 x Charms and Necklace
  3. Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone
  4. Ylang Ylang Uplift Healing Blend
  5. Ylang Ylang Infused Floral Water
  6. Bamboo Toothbrush
  7. Activated Charcoal
  8. Ylang Ylang and Green Aventurine Information Cards
  9. You Can Do It Affirmation card – Louise Hay

August 2018 Inspired Subscription Box (Sold Out)

What was in it?

  1. MIRACLES NOW 62 Card Deck
  2. Gemstone Essential Oil Roller
  3. Lavender Amethyst Sphere Cage Pendant and Necklace
  4. Amethyst Cluster
  5. Yogi Calming Tea
  6. Amethyst & Lavender Information Card
  7. Crown Chakra Affirmation

July's 2018 Inspired Subscription Box (Available)

What is in it?

  1. The Secret Movie (DVD) 
  2. Carnelian Heart Pendant and Chain  
  3. Carnelian Tumbled Stone  
  4. Carnelian Crystal Bottle  
  5. Australian Pink Clay 
  6. Emotional Creativity’ Sacral Charka Oil Blend  
  7. Orange Blossom Infused Floral Water  
  8. Mookaite Raw Crystal Specimen 
  9. Orange Fragrance Tea Light Candle 
  10. My Wishes and Desires List 
  11. Carnelian, Mookaite and Orange Information Cards 
  12. Sacral Charka Affirmation   .

June 2018 Inspired Subscription Box (Limited Stock Available)

What is in it? 


  1. Studio Oh! Words to Live By Note Card Set
  2. Japanese Detox Foot Patches x1 pair
  3. Tibetan Sandalwood Buddhist 108 
  4. Bead Mala Bracelet 
  5. Malachite Pendant and necklace
  6. Citrine Cluster
  7. Jasmine Infused Flower Water
  8. Malachite and Jasmine Information Cards
  9. Heart Chakra Affirmation

May 2018 Inspired Subscription Box (Limited Stock Available)

What is in it?

  1. Dr Wayne Dyer: The Secrets of an Inspirational Life (In-Spirit) 6 CD Set
  2. Black Obsidian Crystal Pendant
  3. Black Obsidian Raw Crystal Specimen
  4. Peppermint Pure Essential Oil 3mL
  5. French Green Bentonite Clay 20gm
  6. Creativity & Contemplation: Cards for Mindful Living - 3 randomly selected cards.
  7. Peppermint Information Card, 
  8. Obsidian Information Card, 
  9. Base Chakra Affirmation. 

April 2018 Inspired Subscription Box (Sold Out)

What was in it?

💙Studio Oh Coptic-Bound Hardcover Journal
💙Studio Oh Carp Diem Stylus Pen
💙Aqua Japanese Detox Foot Patches One Pair
💙Sage Pure Essential Oil 3mL
💙Turquoise Crystal Pendant
💙Turquoise Bead Bracelet
💙Morning and Evening Affirmation Cards
💙Throat Chakra Balancing & Affirmation Cards 

We are sure our subscribers loved the box. And thank you so much for the wonderful support on our first box! Many more inspiring ones to come!

Heal | Balance | Intention - Be INSPIRED.💙