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Products / INSPIRED Box - March 2019 Edition (Aventurine/Ylang Ylang)

INSPIRED Box - March 2019 Edition (Aventurine/Ylang Ylang)


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Product Description

September's Theme: Loving Cleansing What is in March's INSPIRED Subscription Box? Total value $95 1. Your Higher Purpose – Living into Your Ambition Mindfulness Book 2. Green Aventurine Pendant, 2 x Charms and Necklace 3. Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone 4. Ylang Ylang Uplift Healing Blend 5. Ylang Ylang Infused Floral Water 6. Bamboo Toothbrush 7. Activated Charcoal 8. Ylang Ylang and Green Aventurine Information Cards 9. You Can Do It Affirmation card – Louise Hay

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