Inspiring you to 

Live your Best Life  

Need more Inspiration your life? We’ve got you covered.

We are passionate about holistic health. We know there are so many wonderful self-care options that are available, and we want to introduce you to them.

INSPIRED focuses on promoting inner HEALING, creating BALANCE and positive INTENTION, by presenting you with vibrational, physical, emotional and mental healing products, natural therapies, methods and tools to incorporate into your everyday, modern life.

We don't just want to limit our boxes to one modality, or line of thinking, as the best healing comes from a combination of inspiration. We also share important information about the items in each box, as we very much so want to set you up for positive success. The modalities we consider are Aroma Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Affirmation Work, Mindfulness, Vibrational Medicine, and Nutritional Therapy, whether it be emerging healing products & therapies, or old favourites.

What items can you expect in your monthly INSPIRED subscription box?

A combination of:

  • Inspiring Book/CD/DVD/Stationary or Cards,
  • Healing Jewellery,
  • Inspirational Item(s),
  • Natural Therapy/Aromatherapy/Chromotherapy or Symbology Product(s),
  • Crystal(s) and
  • Meditation/Affirmation Card(s).

It is an exciting time and we truly hope that you benefit greatly from all the high frequency items and information that will accompany your monthly INSPIRED Box.