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INSPIRED Subscription Box

As Hippocrates said: Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. INSPIRED is a monthly holistic health subscription box that focuses on promoting inner HEALING, creating BALANCE and positive INTENTION. INSPIRED Subscription Box is delivered monthly to your door, presenting you with vibrational, physical, emotional and mental healing products, natural therapies, methods and tools to incorporate into your everyday, modern life. Informational cards accompany most products, making it easy to learn and apply in your life. Each month, you will receive the INSPIRED Subscription Box that introduces to you 5-6 products embracing and promoting inner HEALING, creating BALANCE and positive INTENTION. We are always on the lookout of what is emerging in the industry as well as following some well-known methods and techniques, as well as keeping informed of some of our personal favourites, to include in our boxes. What can you expect in your monthly INSPIRED Subscription Box? A combination of: -Inspiring Book/CD/DVD/Stationary or Cards, -Healing Jewellery, -Inspirational Item(s), -Natural Therapy/Aromatherapy/Chromotherapy or Symbology Product(s), -Crystal(s) and -Meditation/Affirmation Card(s). Join the INSPIRED family today! BE INSPIRED!

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