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INSPIRED Box - Black Obsidian/ Peppermint


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Product Description

Theme: Grounding and Manifesting In order to manifest, we very much need to ground our spiritual energy, so our desires can manifest in the physical world and in our lives. What is in this INSPIRED Subscription Box? 1. Dr Wayne Dyer: The Secrets of an Inspirational Life (In-Spirit) 6 CD Set 2. Black Obsidian Crystal Pendant 3. Black Obsidian Raw Crystal Specimen 4. Peppermint Pure Essential Oil 3mL 5. French Green Bentonite Clay 20gm 6. Creativity & Contemplation: Cards for Mindful Living - 3 randomly selected cards 7. Peppermint and Obsidian Information Card 8. Base Chakra Affirmation

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